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Insanity Box 2 Insanity Box 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very fun to play

I think you hit home with this one. So many fun mini games to play. Normal provided a good challenge, comparing it with easy.

Lots of replay value, especially with achievements.

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The Perfect Fighter The Perfect Fighter

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

While it's not perfect, it's one of the best

I really enjoyed this game, and it's obvious that a lot of effort went into this game. Plus, I had extreme fun comboing. Lucia is probably my favorite to play. Figured out some neat combos with her.

Here's what i have to say:

- Sounds, not too interesting at all. The music was a bit laughable.
- I thought the speed was fine, and it was still good with comboing.
- The ability to edit controls was a great plus.
- even though the characters were obvious SF, the fact you took care to edit them and change their moves I absolutely applaud. Though you could tell what SF character the character was derived from, the moves AND the looks were pulled off well. That takes a good amount of time and effort, and it's convincing. The only thing was certain characters I thought needed to be mixed up a bit, MeiLynn especially.
-the freeze glitch really ruins the fun, especially when you get a lot of cool achievements.
- the interface design is not so great. The health bars don't look too attractive. The selection screen is kinda cool though.
-the story doesn't really seem too interesting sadly. maybe I just need to play everyone and get a feel for it. I don't want to say it's boring, because it's a TON of fun.
- For the most part, it is coded EXCELLENTLY. One of the only fighting games on NG that really expands its fighting system. Some on NG are simply meant to be beat 'em ups, but this one I can truly consider to be an actual fighting game.

I definitely think this is a well done game.

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Psychosomnium Psychosomnium

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Very innovative game!

I think this game was quite unique, especially with the switching characters mechanic. It's a game that lets you figure out things on your own a bit, which is nice.

I'm glad it's a challenge. Puzzles aren't meant to be easy. Yes, starting all over is a tad frustrating (getting to Bee), but as the game is played more, things get figured out, so it's not THAT much of a problem.

Very original game, and I like the switching concept. I also like that you don't get to use the X button until you reach Mitch.

Excellent work.

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Sushi Cat Sushi Cat

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Extremely fun game

This game is VERY good! It's simple, yet it's got challenge to it.

It's extremely addicting, and it never gets boring. Good job!

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Mad Karate Man Mad Karate Man

Rated 4 / 5 stars

A VERY Good game, and innovative

The basic concept is amazing, and a very clever way to do the distance genre type of game.

Certain skills deemed extremely useful (such as the time upgrade. Very useful for building power.) The upgrades that relied on another upgrade, very genius.

The fireball blast was kind of useless, but was cool to see....if you were ever on the ground. LOL

It did go on much too infinitely: I even put in almost an HOUR. It was worth the fun though.

After a while, there's no point of continuing, because everything is maxed out, or there's no longer an objective. So, it's almost, "what next?" or in most cases "what's the point?"

I think medals would have been great here, too. At least more achievements.

This has HUGE potential. Make a second one. :c)

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Platformer Tutorial AS2 Platformer Tutorial AS2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This covers about everything

Hands down, this should get a perfect 5.

One, it encourages you to learn or take in consideration what you already know.

This goes into depth for anyone who wants to do just about anything. It shows that the possibilities are ENDLESS.

It is MUCH appreciated that this was created. Much much appreciated.

Knowledge from all types of people came into this.

In 2 weeks, huh? Still amazing HOW much was put in here.

This should be the ultimate go to guide for games. I'm using it right now to resolve any problems I have in coding, and seeing if I can find different solutions at approaching a coding problem. Plus, add more things that make my games better.

A huge thank you.

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Platformer Tutorial Platformer Tutorial

Rated 5 / 5 stars

That was an amazing tutorial

I thought this one was explained well. It really solved a lot of problems i was having with jumping. I knew how to do other things.

For beginners, it is up to them to get used to the Flash interface and such. The code was broken down step by step.

It does force you to think. I like that.

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NG's Finest NG's Finest

Rated 4 / 5 stars

A Really Good Game

I saw several complaints about the small space. That's part of the STRATEGY! lol.

It's a really fun game, and the upgrades make it worthwhile. It did tedious with Pico disobeying me more than the other three, but two hours went by and I HAVE to go to The only downfall is there not being a save option. That's it. You definitely made a solid game. It's supposed to be challenging. I started figuring out toward the middle of the game to start researching the buildings, but don't buy them yet until I know what to use, and also as you advance, you WILL need some of those if you want to succeed in missions.

It really takes time and patience to play. It really does. That's what a game should do. You gave initiatives to keep doing that. I definitely say, excellent job. :c) You deserve all the praise you get most definitely.

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Fury Officer Fury Officer

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Definitely A Great Game

In any game, I believe gameplay comes first, then everything else comes after it. No sense on a beautiful game if it's not fun to play. This game, had great gameplay (it flawed in certain areas. I'll get to that in a minute.)
Graphics were great. Very well done. Music, personally, I wasn't too much of a fan, but people have different tastes.

For the gameplay, moves were great. The fact you had them come up in the menu after you completed a level AND the game is saved gets big points from me. Nothing is more frustrating than having to start all over again after doing so much work. Challenges make a game fun and get you going though.

Things that lacked were
- enemies. though it's a challenge to have enemies try to stop you, too many immobilized you and it gets annoying. I'm on the dessert level right now. I'll find out the rest here in a bit.
- consistency. if it's an office game, why's he in the dessert? if there's a reason behind it, then cool.
- a few glitches. not that this one was bad (hehe), but I racked up close to 30,000 points on one level by hitting the bigger enemies in the right spot of hit detection so they stayed in the same spot. More enemies came and wow, it was an orgy of destruction! No one disappeared until I let them go, which of course, I didn't. I guess I could consider this a tip to players. ;c) I really beefed up right now and almost everything's maxed out. With the level saved, I can go back to it.
- I wish the bigger enemies did more than just big counterparts of the small.

Overall, this is a great game. Hopefully a sequel of some kind is considered or on your next game, it'll be even greater than this. Keep it up! :c)

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